From morning to night. How many thoughts are you actually aware of? So think about it, how much can you change?

The Formless Mind

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life.

The Practice of Sitting Zen and Its Teaching

We need to pay attention when the phenomena show up and the situation comes up. If we don’t pay attention to the core message of a situation, we will generate a lot of emotions.

Completely Aware Sutra

“Virtuous ones, the unsurpassed Dharma King possesses great dhāraṇī-door, named as ‘Completely Aware.’ Flows out all purity, suchness, Bodhi, nirvana and paramitas, teaching bodhisattvas. 

Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva practicing deeply prajna paramita at the time illuminates the five skandhas are all empty, crosses beyond all adversity and suffering.