Seven Verses for a Sangha

March 2, 2013
  1. Entering the Sangha, one severs all evil, ceases all vexation.
  2. Following the Sangha, improve yourself with a mind that is calm without craving.
  3. Non-differentiating in the Sangha, without distinction between self and others, the mind remains at ease.
  4. Surpassing the Sangha, one makes effort to break through all habits, ego, and attachments by attaining no thought, no form, and no dwelling.
  5. Leading the Sangha, after attaining deep enlightenment one utilizes wisdom and skillful means for the benefit of others.
  6. Stabilizing the Sangha, calmly abiding in the emptiness of the primordial nature, one is adaptable in all encounters and opportunities.
  7. Perfecting the Sangha,the merit of complete fulfillment that is attained forms Buddha’s magnificent body.