Restraint the Mind to Eliminate Negatives Tendencies, Cultivate Merit to Dissolve Calamities

October 23, 2020

In the waning period of the Dharma, material greed overflows and the principle and truth have lost their primacy and rightful place. As a result, killing, theft, sensual indulgence, falsehood, and intoxications—the five poisons—grows rampant. The ten wholesome deeds were no longer cultivated; the outward-seeking mentality dominates. Although the saints of the past had handed down the teaching regarding ‘precepts’ and ethics, they were long forgotten and had lost the power to prevent chaos. Because of this, there is no end in sight to wars, natural disasters, and human tragedies. The spread of disease is due to the same reason.

Everyone should realize that dependency between merit and calamity—when merit wanes, calamity arises. Calamity does not come on its own accord, but rather due to the lack of merit of sentient beings. To stop the spread of disease and bring about world peace and calming of the Elements, one has no path but that of eliminating calamity and increasing merit. In light of this, one should cultivate merit and eliminate defilement, observe precepts and all things wholesome, repent past wrong-doings and diligently restraint the contaminated body-mind. Once all negative tendencies are severed, obstacles will resolve on their own.

There are foolish people who became worried night and day, who spread the panic and fear while hoarding food and supplies. They have forgotten all about spiritual cultivation while blindly follow the flows of the ordinary thinking. They do not realize that their actions will not give rise to merit nor dispel calamity, until such time when negative karma manifests personally—by then it will be too late!

As disciples of the Buddha, we should remember that in the collective karma there are individual karmic differences. As long as one remains firmly in one’s awakening aspiration and dedication to the path, the Triple Jewel will bestow its blessings and the dharma protectors will reveal an auspicious path forward. At this time, one must restraint the mind and eliminate negative tendencies, turn toward the wholesome, and reflect inwardly. Stay clear of afflictions and maintain mindful awareness. If one makes further break-through—piercing the barrier of delusion, perceiving the truth, and sustaining the great perfection—then peace will manifest wherever one goes.

Therefore, everyone should abide calmly in the practice of the Six Perfections. Follow my dharma instructions with unwavering faith and dedicate the merit to the dharma realm for the quick cessation of the pandemic, for the peace and safety of all households, for the eradication of all disasters and tragedies. May all beings live under auspiciousness at all times; may all supporters’ merit and wisdom forever grow; may peace be restored to the World; may the Triple Jewels and the True Dharma persist for a long time to come.

In the witness of the Triple Jewel

In sincere prayer reaching the highest realm