Buddhist Calendar 3049, 2022 AD BuddhaBuddha’s Birthday Celebration and Praise

Tusita’s imperial palace descends the divine spirit, Seven steps in four directions self-proclaimed the Honored One, Heavenly beings scatter flowers falling layer upon layer, Nine dragons pour water to bathe the golden body. Today the Buddha descends to be born, the earth shakes, the whole world rejoices and celebrates, and it is crystal clear before […]

The Worm in the Lion’s Body

Practitioners today are filled with materials and have an extensive Buddhist knowledge. However, one should truthfully ask whether your practice matches exactly with the material or the teachings of the Patriarchs? Are you spending time truly practicing according to the teaching? Does the environment of your practice center support and provide the necessary karmic conditions? […]

Practice The Way Soon Without Delay

 It was often said, “The Buddha Dharma that is rare to hear, now has been heard; the human body that is difficult to obtain, now has been obtained.” Having thus heard and obtained, what should one do? Practice soon without delay. Practitioners of our rank cannot afford to waste time, passing each days in futile […]

Seven Verses For a Sangha

Homage in all Ten Directions, I supplicate to the Three Jewels with reverence and humbly implore the celestial guardians. This monk as an ordinary being has yet to complete my own task, and dare not intercede for others. Nonetheless during this waning period of the Dharma, I am stepping forward to share my understanding with […]

Chan Gate Key Practice

 First, see the phenomena and know the mind. (Perceive phenomena as manifestations of the mind.)   Second, take responsibility for adversity. (Reflect on one’s difficulties and others, and take responsibility for all.)   Third, practice skillful means to reduce vexations, change thoughts to break attachments.   Fourth, engage Hua-Tou to break through, stay in the state of no […]

Listen, Reflect, Practice

The right view leads to the right action. The right action leads to the right result. With the right result reveal the great Way and realize the Bodhi nature. Nowadays many people are learning but do not know why they listen to Dharma.  To listen to Dharma is to correct wrong views. People must practice […]

Essentials of Listening to Dharma

The Patriarch from West passes on Dharma through one lineage, Why distinguish South from North and West from East? When Mind-dharma matches that place is revealed, Confused one grasps phenomena aimlessly creating a mess, Disputes right and wrong, the Way is missing, When listening mind is pure that is the seed of right Dharma, Upholding […]

Practice the Bodhisattva Way

Practicing the Bodhisattva Way is the practice to benefit self and others. Bodhisattva Way is the essence of Mahayana Buddhism. It is based on precepts, samadhi, and wisdom of Theravada Buddhism as the foundation. It has the Bodhi mind of the Sangha and laypersons, and Six Paramitas as the core. The goal of practicing Mahayana […]

The Formless Mind

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life.


From morning to night. How many thoughts are you actually aware of? So think about it, how much can you change?