Listen, Reflect, Practice

June 1, 2021

The right view leads to the right action. The right action leads to the right result. With the right result reveal the great Way and realize the Bodhi nature. Nowadays many people are learning but do not know why they listen to Dharma. 

To listen to Dharma is to correct wrong views. People must practice according to universal principles in order to obtain achievement. The key point is to turn the unfamiliar into the familiar and the familiar into the unfamiliar. The familiar are self attachment, karmic consciousness, and habitual behaviors. The unfamiliar is the view of nothing beyond the Mind. 

To reflect is to not depart from the true meaning of Mind-dharma; reflect on the reason of the truth over and over; think and reflect carefully. Thus, one will understand the meaning and reasoning of the truth. 

To practice is to reveal the true origin by letting go of attachments and by getting rid of bad habits. If one’s practice deviates from this principle, this is just practicing blindly. Even if one practices diligently and assiduously, the outcome will be poor. If one genuinely listens, earnestly reflects, and really practices, one will definitely attain the Holy Fruit. 

However, the right Dharma must depend on the right master. The master has to be true and honest when speaking Dharma. Otherwise, the master will mislead practitioners due to errors in attachment, narrow views, as well as clinging to one method excluding others. Moreover, if the master grandstands and flatters the powerful in exchange for fame and wealth, then he will certainly misunderstand Buddha and Patriarchs’ intentions. As a result, he will try to climb up social position in expense of Dharma and create bad karma. This is not worthy of praise and emulation. 

For practitioners, the mind listening to Dharma must be genuine. When the listening mind is not genuine, one will be prone to seeking outwardly. With a strong desire to climb higher socially, one will undoubtedly become capricious, which results in no place to retreat or move forward. In this situation it will be very difficult for one to achieve the Holy Way. When one is honest and true in speaking Dharma, the Dharma is definitely correct. When one genuinely listens, reflecting must be earnest. Practice without skipping all the above steps will reveal the great Way naturally!