Completely Aware Sutra

October 8, 2020

Respectfully extracted from Manjushri Bodhisattva Section One 

“Virtuous ones, the unsurpassed Dharma King possesses great dhāraṇī-door, named as ‘Completely Aware.’ Flows out all purity, suchness, Bodhi, nirvana and paramitas, teaching bodhisattvas. 

All Tathāgatas originally arise from causal ground, all rely on complete illumination of purely aware attributes, permanently sever ignorance, and then accomplish the Buddha-Way.” 

What is ignorance? Virtuous ones, all sentient beings since beginning-less time have various inverted views. Just like a lost person moves in four directions changing location, misrecognizes Four Elements as self-body attributes and grasping shadows of Six Dusts as self-mind attributes. Just like that diseased eye sees flower in nothingness, and a second moon. 

Virtuous ones, nothingness actually has no flower—diseased person has illusive attachment. Due to illusive attachment, thus not only confused about this empty self-nature, and also confused that there is no real flower arising place. Due to this illusive existence, the wheel of life and death turns. Therefore named “ignorance.”