Mount Ching Tian Yin Yuan Shiou Chan Master Dharma Talk

September 15, 2020

Since become ordained monk, one must do great deeds. Set your aspiration high and strength of vows must be deep. Courage must be great, mind must act with subtlety.

If the mind acts with subtlety, thought after thought enters a fine state. Perceive the state prior to thought, one is no longer seized by phenomena and coarse mind be swayed by agitated movements.

If courage is great, one is able to shoulder the responsibility of the Boundless Door. When the time comes, teach all beings, one is able to expound the Dharma fearlessly.

If strength of vow is deep, learn countless dharma teachings without tiring, and even if encounter demons, obstacles, or difficulty, in that not moving a tiny bit. Understand and let it be clearly, and one by one take it, brave and fierce diligence also.

If set aspiration high, there is no rush to search for knowledge and understanding that blocks one’s self from the door of enlightenment. Until penetrates thoroughly, reaching the state of great release and great rest, never compromise with the current opinion and bury ones self.

If reach four achievements, how is one like ordinary tiny roots and tiny stems who only search for places bustling with noise, not knowing one’s lack of strength in practicing the way, karma of virtue is not done yet and realization is not throughout, knowledge is not broad, turned away from the self in pursuit of phenomena, merely have superficial title only.