Put Down

June 2, 2014

Mind is formless therefore the mastery of the mind means mastery of its function. If you can laugh, cry, remain calm and free of vexation whenever you want, it shows mastery over the Mind’s function.

Mastery only comes from the self and the self is the master of the Land of Bliss. Buddhist teaching is predicated on making effort in creation, not making effort in getting other’s to rescue you.

Humans, of course, have human issues. A student asked me how to get rid of human issues; it’s easy – just stop being a human. This is not a joke but the truth. In other words, when your thoughts create corresponding problems, the proper way to deal with these problems is to tackle the thoughts that created them. I often use this analogy: a lumberjack uses his ax to fell a tree; if he uses the ax to cook, it without doubt would get in the way – the only right thing to do is to put down the ax.

Our emotions and belief are tools, but we often can’t put them away when they are inappropriate for the task. When used inappropriately, even the best tool can turn into a burden if they can’t solve your problems yet you cling to them.