The Formless Mind

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life.


From morning to night. How many thoughts are you actually aware of? So think about it, how much can you change?


We should realize that every person possesses a mind. This is equality. Each person’s mind can generate thoughts. Every mind can manifest phenomena and the reality corresponding to its thoughts. This principle applies to all sentient beings. So again there is equality. The way you look right now and who you are only tells people […]

Right Understanding

Suppose you encounter a problem caused by a disturbed mind. If you do not endeavor to calm your mind but instead try to erase the appearance of the issue, no solution will be found. If you have the right understanding of the mind and practice, eventually you will recognize the Buddha essence within you. New […]

Universal Truth

The mind can generate thought, and thought can lead to action, which can lead to result. The cause/effect principle is just to describe this universal truth. Why do you need to understand cause/effect? To understand the function of the mind. And that is the purpose. Once you have this type of real understanding, then you […]


Truth is what it is. It does not require your definition. When you are suffering from some physical pain, the pain indicates the presence of negativity. You must face the truth honestly, with genuine self assessment. The reality of each moment shows you the truth. Explanations are thoughts used to hide the truth. The only […]


When a situation arises, we must first understand what is really happening. To get this perspective, we need clarity and calmness of mind. If we can withdraw from habitual definitions, the mind will achieve stillness. With stillness in the mind, calmness will be ensured and awareness can be attained. This is our path toward the […]


Genuine introspection is different than what people ordinarily call “thinking.” Some people may say, “I am reflecting; I am thinking about my problem.” They call it introspection, but that is not what we mean here. Genuine introspection begins with a clear mind. From that state, we can pay attention to what occurs in the mind. […]


Truth is essentially every perspective at once. It is the absence of thought and the presence of all thought simultaneously. In order to seek truth you must not cling to what your personal reality tells you. You must not stand in front of the mirror and see only yourself. If you can learn to look […]


Recognize your bad habits and change them, one by one through daily practice. Spiritual cultivation begins with taming your habitual thoughts. Be aware of every thought. Introspection is not passive as it may appear to be. In fact, it is very proactive. When you face yourself, you work directly on the cause of your problem.