Abbot Classes

True Practice
Posted on 01.14.18 | by admin

In the mundane world, we are always attached to phenomena created by the mind. We keep relying on the phenomena. These become our habitual thoughts, our habits. So in zen Buddhism, to be enlightened you have to be enlightened to this formless mind. But for gradual practice, we have to let go of attachments to… READ MORE

Enlightened Beings
Posted on 01.07.18 | by admin

In zen we say you are enlightened to the hat of the mind or the source of the mind. Phenomena keep changing means that your mind your thoughts keep changing. Thoughts keep manifesting from the mind, so we keep attaching to the phenomena created by the mind. When you are enlightened, you realize the mind… READ MORE

The Formless Mind
Posted on 12.27.17 | by admin

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life. It is the source and it is also called the cause without cause. Based on this source, this primordial cause, phenomena is generated. All kinds of… READ MORE

The Real Practice
Posted on 12.20.17 | by admin

The essence of Zen is to realize the source. The mind can manifest. But everyone’s mind manifests through a pattern. Every thought  must be processed through this pattern, and so we cannot help ourselves. Practice is to strengthen the ability to be aware of your thoughts in your mind. So practice is involved in every… READ MORE